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JP-Artdepartment is an agency which based on animation and copywriting. The purpose of the project aims to attract some potential client who are interested in our creative works.


It promotes in three different styles three different designers. We can do what makes us interested in or something  want to learn about. As my part, which is create 2D animation videos and improve my abilities. I also create a typography which identify my works.

Typography Design

This is a typography design for my projects, which can identify my works and be my signature.

Copywriting and Photography

This part of JP-Artdepartment which is using photography and improve my copywriting to express my feelings. I would like to take some daily photos which are interested to me.

2D Animation

This part of JP-Artdepartment which is using 2D animations and all the ideas are came from what I have been through with my life, what inspire me.

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