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Tiger Balm



animation and 

campaign idea




Tiger Balm, the world’s leading analgesic remedy that works where it hurts. The campaign ides aims to arouse local interest towards Tiger Balm Plaster, Build-up brand awareness and differentiation.

“Tiger Club”, which my campaign idea. We suggest to create a hashtag series called “Tiger Club”, to create a sense of community, where people can share their pain in different life scenarios. Tiger Balm always stands by you and helps you to solve your pain.

We can also encourage users to participate the wall game by adding hashtag “Tiger Club” on social media, sharing their problem of pain, their own creative way of using Tiger Balm products and how does tiger balm help to relieve their pain.

The campaign theme which is an expert of an expert of healing waist pain & backache, Tiger Balm knows your pain and suits your needs in different scenarios, providing you fast and effective remedy. Suitable for male and female, young and old, Tiger Balm provides different products that address various needs for different life scenarios: workplace, family and sport life, ensuring you a healthy and active life.

As a part of Tiger Club, we share the pain in life, e.g. exhaustion at work, the hardships of taking care family etc. Tiger Balm always stands by you and helps you to relieve your pain.

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